Quality of groundwater

Monitoring network, groundwater quality determinants and methods


 The groundwater quality in the Slovak republic has been monitored in 27 significant water management areas (alluvial sediments, mesozoic and neovolcanic structures). The groundwater quality is monitored in 339 objects in Slovakia with frequency of sampling once a year. Monitoring network consists of SHMI basic network objects, exploited and non-exploited boreholes, exploited and non-exploited springs.
Special monitoring is performing in Žitný ostrov area, because it represents the most important resource of drinking water in the Slovak Republic and it also belongs to the most significant groundwater resources in Central Europe. Monitoring network consists of 34 multilevel piezometric boreholes, from which groundwater samples are taken 2 and 4 times a year.

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6013 - Kalinkovo | 6011 - Oľdza | 6016 - Rovinka

Important part of monitoring and also of achieving correct data is representative groundwater field sampling. Methodology of field sampling and in situ measurements has been designed according to national standards of the Slovak republic and European Union. The extent of groundwater quality parameters has been composed in accordance with the Regulation of Ministry of Health 151/2004 Coll. on Drinking Water Requirements and Drinking Water Quality Control, except for microbiological and biological parameters. Parameters are divided into basic and supplementary group. The basic set of determinants is analysed in every sampling object. Determinants from the supplementary group are analysed only in chosen objects. Selection of these objects was based mainly on specific local conditions (type of pollution, etc.).

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In situ measurements

Chemical analyses are made in accredited geoanalytical laboratories of the Dionýz Štúr State Geological Institute in Spišská Nová Ves. Analytical methods used are as follows: Table.3
The results from the monitoring programme are assessed in accordance with Regulation 151/2004 Coll. It defines allowable concentrations of chemical substances in groundwater. Evaluation is published in annual report „Groundwater quality in the Slovak republic" and biennial report „Groundwater quality in Žitný ostrov".





Ing. Eugen Kullman PhD.

Head of groundwater quantity and quality department
Jeséniova 17
833 15 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel.: 02 594 15 451
fax: 02 54776562
e-mail: eugen.kullman@shmu.sk


Mgr. Andrea Ľuptáková

responsible for groundwater quality monitoring
Jeséniova 17
833 15 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel.: 02 594 15 214
fax: 02 54776562
e-mail: andrea.luptakova@shmu.sk