Epsgram - up to 2 days

The products are regularly updated four times per day (04:00 UTC - run from 00:00 UTC, 11:00 UTC - run from 06:00 UTC, 15:45 UTC - run from 12:00 UTC and 22:45 UTC - run from z 18:00 UTC).

Graf s priebehom numerických predpovedí

Epsgram is meteogram which is actually composed from several consecutive ALADIN model forecasts. Each forecast starts at a different time, but the duration is identical predictions. The model ALADIN is counted four times a day for up to 72 hours. Based on this there is created 48-hour forecast, which coincides up to 5 different integration models (the ensemble). By scattering of these predictions the probability of realizing the development of weather is predicted. Greater dispersion means greater uncertainty. There is average value displayed on the charts and also the most recent integration of the ALADIN model (see legend).


Teplota v 2 metroch nad povrchom [st.C]
Temperature at 2 meters above ground [deg.C]
Celkova oblacnost [%]
Total cloudiness [%]
Pravdepodobnost zrazok: 0.1 (modra), 1 (zelena), 3 (zlta), 5 (cervena) mm/h [%]
Precipitation probability: 0.1 (blue), 1 (green), 3 (yellow), 5 (red) mm/h [%]
Tlak redukovany na hladinu mora [hPa]
Mean sea level pressure [hPa]
Rychlost a narazy vetra (stlpce) v 10 metroch nad povrchom [m/s]
Wind speed and wind gusts (bars) at 10 meters above ground [m/s]
Smer vetra v 10 metroch nad povrchom [svetove strany]
Wind direction at 10 meters above ground [cardinal points]
- posledny beh     - priemer ansamblu       - nekompletny ansambel
- last run              - ensemble mean          - incomplete ensemble