Department of Surface Water Quantity



Monitoring of quantitative indicators of surface water in the territory of Slovakia, the processing of data from the monitoring of quantity of surface water and data archiving, evaluation of surface waters in the territory of Slovakia, assessment and expert opinion elaborating for the territory of Slovakia, national and international projects solving and research and development tasks.


  • Monitoring and data processing according to the surface water quantity
  • Hydrological expertise in the field of surface water quantity 
  • Implementation of Directive 2000/60/EC establishing a framework in the field of water policy in the evaluation and classification of surface waters
  • Assessment of the impact of VDG (Water Work Gabčíkovo) on the natural environment
  • Processing of Water balance of the SR - quantitative water balance of surface water
  • Participation in national and international projects in the field of surface water hydrology
  • Elaboration of the quantitative hydrological characteristics
  • Drought and Water Scarcity
  • Participation in the creation of water legislation  

Ing. Zuzana Danáčová, PhD.

Head of Department

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Department of Surface Water Quantity, SHMÚ
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Slovak Republic
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