Historical extremes

Review of historical extremes (extreme values) of selected meteorological elements at the territory of Slovak republic




Hottest area

South-east part of Podunajská lowland, south and south-west slopes Kováčovské hills at Štúrovo

Absolute maximum, highest measured temperature

40,3 °C,  Hurbanovo, 20.7.2007

Highest yearly mean air temperature

13,1 °C,  Žihárec, year 2019

Highest monthly mean air temperature

26,0 °C,   Bratislava, Petržalka, august 1992

Coldest area

Peak location of the High Tatra (Vysoké Tatry) mountains

Absolute  minimum, lowest measured air temperature

-41,0 °C, Vígľaš - part Pstruša, 11.2.1929

Lowest measured air temperature at Bratislava

-36 °C,  Devínska Nová Ves, 11.2.1929

Lowest yearly mean air temperature

-5,6 °C,  Lomnický štít, year 1956

Lowest monthly mean air temperature

-18,1 °C ,  Lomnický štít, february 1965



Highest yearly mean precipitation total, the most rainy place

2906 mm yearly mean (period of observation 1961-2000)  -  Zbojnícka cottage at the High Tatra mountains (Vysoké Tatry)

Highest daily precipitation total

231,9 mm,  Salka at river Ipeľ,  12. - 13. july 1957   (during 65 minutes between 15.45 - 16.50 h dropped down 228.5 mm of precipitation total)

Highest monthly precipitation total

582,4 mm,  Zverovka,  july 2001

Highest snow cover high at Bratislava

64 cm, 16  - 17. january 1987

Lowest yearly mean precipitation total, driest area

483 mm, western part of district Galanta

Lowest yearly precipitation total, driest year

262 mm, Malé Kosihy, year 2011



The most sunshine area

Middle of Podunajská lowland, Hurbanovo (2190 h yearly measured sum of 4447 h of astronomical possible sunshine duration)

Lowest sunshine area

Orava  (Trstená - Ústie nad Priehradou, 1052 h yearly sum



Highest windy area

Chopok  (2003 m a. s. l.), yearly mean wind speed 10 m/s

Highest measured wind speed

78,6 m/s , (283 km/h),  Skalnaté Pleso, 29th november 1965