Meteogram - up to 10 days

Meteogram shows detail forecast for temperature, cloudiness, precipitation, pressure, speed wind and direction wind for selected geographical point. The horizontal axis shows time (day and hour in UTC) and the vertical axis shows value of selected parameter. Meteogram is available for selected geographical point in Slovak region with time step 6 hour up to ten days.Numerical model ECMWF is the main base for medium range weather prediction at SHMI. There is highly recommended to contact meteorologists in case of serious event related with weather development  +421 988 400 100/ +421 988 400 200/ +421 988 400 300 – price 0,996 €/min.

The products are regularly updated two times per day (07:50 UTC – run from 00:00 UTC and 19:50 UTC – run from z 18:00 UTC).

Graf s priebehom numerických predpovedí