Operational information

METAR in Approach Colour Codes


Surface map information

The surface map provides information on:
  • current meteorological conditions at selected airports in Europe in the form of so-called a colour code which, on the basis of the colour scale as indicated in the legend, expresses their suitability for approach and landing with regard to the observed values ​​of visibility and the height of the cloud base at that time,
  • the ground pressure field expressed by lines of same pressure (isobars) and the designation of the centres of the pressure systems (L – low pressure, H - high pressure),
  • air flow in the ground layer expressed by dashed lines with an arrow (showing the direction of flow) and colour-coded flow speed (),
  • the distribution of cloud formations observed from the Meteosat satellite in the infrared band (expressed in shades of grey), and
  • position of fronts and frontal systems: red colour - warm front, blue colour - cold front, purple colour - occluded front and black dotted-dashed line - instability line.
Note: Meteorological fronts are analysed only in a three-hour step and, unlike other information on the map, with different validity!