​Project: Hurbanovo WMO candidate centennial observing station 2020

Project title:                                  Hurbanovo WMO candidate centennial observing station 2020

Project type:                                  Internal project of SHMI

Number and title of SHMI task:  2023-00 National Climate Programme (NCP)

Subtask of NCP:                            Creation of specialized and historical databases for the analysis of the of climate change                                                            impacts

Project duration:                           2019 - 2020

The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute prepared data and backround papers for the nomination of the Hurbanovo meteorological station (WIGOS Station Identifier 0-20000-0-11858), as the candidate for the Centennial observing station in the frame of the WMO recognition Mechanism (https://public.wmo.int/en/our-mandate/what-we-do/observations/centennial-observing-stations). The date of nomination is 31 January 2020.
The WMO web page states:  Long-term meteorological observations are part of the irreplaceable cultural and scientific heritage of mankind that serve the needs of current and future generations for long-term high quality climate records. They are unique sources of past information about atmospheric parameters, thus are references for climate variability and change assessments. To highlight this importance, WMO has a mechanism to recognize centennial observing stations. By so doing, the Organization promotes sustainable observational standards and best practices that facilitate the generation of high-quality time series data.
The May 2017 WMO Executive Council meeting recognized a first set of WMO centennial observing stations. Next calls for the nomination of candidate stations had been issued in November 2017 and December 2019 respectively. Further calls are planned to be released every two years.
Observations at the meteorological station in Hurbanovo began in 1872. Climatological data maintained the high quality because the location of the station has changed only slightly and the interruptions of observations were sporadic. Evaluations of data from this station are an integral part of all significant climatological studies in our country, eg. National reports on climate change.
Station Hurbanovo nomination documents and required supporting documents for the recognition mechanism are here:

Hurbanovo station nomination for centennial station
Hurbanovo station maps
Hurbanovo station metadata
Hurbanovo station photos
SHMI Routine quality control
Hurbanovo Data Rescue
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