Calibration Laboratory - International Activities

Regional Instrument Centre (RIC) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Calibration possibilities - Scope of accreditation

World Meteorological Organization on fourteenth session of the RA VI in Heidelberg, Germany (7. - 15.September 2005), on the Resolution 6 designated our Calibration Laboratory as Regional Instrument Centre for the meteorological services of central and eastern Europe, with the following functions:

(1) To maintain a set of meteorological standard instruments traceable to recognized international or national standards and to keep a continuous record of their performance and traceability;

(2) To assist Members of the Region in calibrating their national standard meteorological instruments or in comparing them with standard instruments mentioned in (1) and to keep the Members of the Region and the WMO Secretariat informed of the available standard instruments;

(3) To advise Members of the Region in their enquiries about the performance of instruments and the availability of relevant guidance material;

(4) To organize instrument evaluations and comparisons;

(5) To assist WMO in organizing regional training seminars or workshops in the maintenance, calibration and comparison of meteorological instruments, by providing laboratory and field space, demonstration equipment and expert advisers

(6) To maintain a library of books and periodicals on instrumentation science and practice;

(7) To cooperate with other Regional Instrument Centres and to coordinate the use of standards for instrument calibration.




 Workshop of members of Regional Instrument Centres from all over the world, Trappes, France, 2005 

 WMO actions:

  • 2005 workshop of the RICs from all the world in Trappes, France,
  • 2006 workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia,
  • 2006 workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia,
  • 2008 interlaboratory comparison of European RICs (France, Slovenia, Slovakia)
  • 2008 organisation of the interlaboratory comparison for the meteorological sevices of central and eastern Europe

Guidance and co-operation with the meteorological services of:

  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Latvia, Lithuania
  • Oman
  • Yemen  

In situ collaboration

with Czech and Poland meteorological service

Co-operation with domestic producers of the meteorological instruments